Electric    City      Underground

Electric City Undergound

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Electric City Underground is an electronic music project  from the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  It was founded in 2006 by Kirk Comstock and features a revolving door of musicians ( Paul Charron, Luke Comstock, Jordi Comstock, Shawn Bent, Jessie Brown, Amanda LeBlanc, Shirley Jackson, Micheal Hermiston, Wanda Baxter, Richard Charron, Lender Bowles)

The music has been heard in Six Flags Amusement Parks across the U.S.  The video for "Son of the Beat" has been featured on Much Music's "The Wedge."  The album "All Means Necessary" received a Nova Scotia Music nomination for Urban Artist/Group Recording of the year in 2011, and the groups third album "Migration" was nominated for electronic recording of the year.  The songs “Let it Go” and “The Invisible Man” were featured in Quicksilver`s 2012 Gold Coast round 2&3 world surf finals. 

Electric CityUnderground`s new music is tuned to A=432Hz as apposed to the standard A=440Hz. Tuning to 432Hz has been proven to stimulate DNA reproduction and is used in holistic healing.